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What is a Backlink and why Partners?

Over the past year or two, some search engines have included in their main algorithm, or have included as a separate algorithm (PageRank in Googles case), a means of checking the number of incoming links to a given web page (aka link popularity). The theory being, the more incoming links your site has then the more likely it is that your site has content of value and therefore the more inbound links the more a site must be of worth and if linked with the same theme keywords the more relevant it must be to those pages that have few links. This is VERY important nowadays. Obtaining links from similarly related websites should be a major goal.

In the case of the Google PageRank algorithm for example, it is however not just the quantity of links that point to your website, but also the quality. Quality can be measured in essentially 3 ways. 

1. Is the website that is giving you a link of the same theme and keyword relevance as your own pages. 2. How popular is the site which is giving you the link (how many links does that site have pointing to it, the linking sites own Google PageRank).
3. How many other outbound links are on the page from where you have been linked from (dilution of PageRank inheritance).

For example, a popular website which has many quality links pointing to it has recently linked to your site from it's home page. This page has a total of 3 other outbound links. This is ideal for your site, especially if the link is a text link where the link text (anchor text) is a keyword relevant to your page.

On the other hand, a site which itself has few incoming links and has an "other resources" page in which a link to your site is one of over 20 others, then you can not expect much of a ranking boost, or in Googles case, much of a boost in PageRank. Having said that, it won't harm your site either. Webmasters in our experience are not making enough effort to obtain quality inbound links; either through exchanging; or just asking webmasters of similarly themed websites for a link. If you have a site with quality useful content, a webmaster will be more willing to link to you than if all you have is a 2 page front window and link list site. Again, the importance of quality content can help your ranking. (

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